Housesitting on Hold

2 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    Great comprehensive blog Viv, as a seasonal long term traveller I really didn’t know much about house sitting around the world, now I do, and it sounds like a fantastic way to travel the world inexpensively. Accommodation is so expensive plus as you said if an animal lover its a true blessing and bonus … I look forward to your next adventure which im sure is just around the corner and I might add that as a pensioner retiree how amazing and inspirational you are to leave everything behind to explore this great big world truly remarkable … Go Viv keep trucking and exploring lindsay ps im now going to look at the house sitter page to get some inspiration thanks

  2. Viv Newton says:

    Thanks Lindsay. I love looking at the TH site still even if I can’t apply for sits. It’s lovely to see peoples home and pets and great to think that some people are able to travel even in these Covid times. Gives me hope that it might be us before too long!